Sunday, July 8, 2012

Old Navy flip flop sale and a birthday present for Stephanie

Last weekend Old Navy had their famous 1 dollar flip flop sale.  After I was done with my 7 mile run (yep I am getting up there in miles) I packed three of the kids up in the car and  was ready to stand in line and battle the crowds for some flip flops. We got there early, low and behold they were already open.  People were walking out with their flip flops all bagged up.  No crowd,  no lines  OH YEAH!  We went in got all the colors we wanted and walked out with our 20 pairs.  Your thinking 20 pairs!!!! are you kidding? right?  Nope, I got 20 pairs, there are 5 of us that makes 4 pairs each.  We wear flip flops year round here, you can never have too many.

With all these flip flops I have it got me thinking about a pin I saw on pinterest, for flip flop hangers (great tutorial here).  All these people walking out of Old Navy I should have a booth set up and selling them, I could make a killing.  Maybe next year. 

One of my co-workers just had a birthday and we were talking about the flip flop hangers, and she thought it was a great idea.  So her birthday present was in the works.

I bent a few hangers until I found one that I liked the best.    

Gather your materials. Hangers, wire cutters, wire benders, paint, and ribbon.
Cut hangers.
Bend hangers.  Not that easy.
Used the hanger in the first picture as a guide to bend the hangers in the same way.
All bent.
Then, I painted them to look more girlie. I sprayed one side, waited 10 minutes then sprayed the other.
Final touch I added a bow.  
I think she will like them, don't you?

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