Monday, July 9, 2012

It's getting HOT over here

I usually run in capri workout pants. I have been fine in doing so, but lately it's been getting hotter and HOTTERI usually run about 6 in the morning but after a 7 mile run I am burning up, roasting, hot.  Today the temperature  reached 111, hot right?  Okay, so you get it, it has been getting hot in the desert.  I decided to step out of my capris and buy myself a pair of shorts.  I looked at them at the store and thought they seemed a little too short.  My older girls looked at me, rolled their eyes, and said "mom really? Who are you trying to impress? They will look fine on you". Seven bucks for a pair of shorts...Why not?.  I tried them on when I got home.  Ummm they are way too short, my legs look like road maps.  Older girls "GEEZ mom you look fine. Nobody is paying attention to you".  This weekend I put on these shorts for my Sunday run. Maybe I will get some color on my pasty white legs.
Short shorts.  I always run with a shirt I just wanted to show you my stomach getting smaller.
I felt so self conscious the entire run. Are the shorts riding up?  Are my legs jiggling too much?  Is my butt falling out? Is that kid laughing hysterically? All these thoughts, constantly, for the 5 miles I ran.  I think it was one of my worst runs.  As soon as I finished my warm up and started running all those negative thoughts weighed me down. So capris it will be for now, until  I will feel more comfortable. Maybe 10 pounds from now.  I will keep you posted.

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