Monday, July 2, 2012

Finally the RESULTS

  We did have some down days , but between the two of us I think we did pretty darn good. 
The pictures are arranged after THEN before
When Sam looked at the pictures she decided that the shorts in the after pictures were not the best choice.
Now her numbers
May 20, 2012                                        June 24,2012
Weight 210.4                                         Weight  202
Bust                 43 1/2 inches                  Bust            41 1/2
Stomach          45 in                               Stomach      41
Hips                47 1/2 in                         Hips             46 1/2
Upper arm      15 in                               Upper Arm   15
Upper leg        28                                  Upper Leg     27 3/4
Sam was dedicated for the first two weeks and then kinda lost attention.  She did like what she saw on the scales and that has kept her motivated.  She continues to walk and is losing weight. More pictures will continue.
 GO SAM!!!!
Now for me.
This is my favorite.

My results
May 20, 2012                         June 24, 2012
Weight  198.6                         Weight  190.4
Bust             40 1/2                 Bust  39 1/4
Stomach       36                      Stomach  33 1/2
Hips             50 1/2                Hips  47 1/2
Upper arm   14                      Upper arm  13
Upper leg     29                     Upper leg  28 1/4
I am very happy with the results.
I too have been more dedicated with working out.  As I mentioned in my first post I am training for a half marathon in September.  I then figured I could rule the world and a couple of weeks ago I signed up for a FULL marathon in November (it is free, I can not resist a deal like that). You all will be hearing my trials and tribulations from my runs.  I feel much better than when I had started all this, and I have not regretted working out once.  This past weekend on Saturday I ran 7 miles. Whew, that sounds like a lot.

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